Parking Problems Continue on Local Campuses

By Lizeatra Wilson

Reporter, WANM News 90.5

Moving closer to campus seems like it would shorten the commute for college kids but, parking on both campuses has increased that. Florida A&M University student Nicholas Holliinghead, 23, said, “I live about fifteen minutes away from campus and I have to leave 45 minutes prior in order to find parking on campus.”

Florida State University is trying to help their students by offering more parking on campus. They recently began construction on their sixth parking garage and added a student-run valet service but some students aren’t that thrilled. FSU student Adrianne Massey, 22, said “I think it might alleviate some pressure from other parking garages, with the congestion and having to circle a lot of times to find parking but more students are going to go to old garages that are closer to campus versus the new and bigger ones that are further.” Massey says she is happy about the new garages but the location of the parking garage is more important.

Across the tracks at FAMU many students are unhappy with the amount of parking, especially since enrollment has increased. Hollinghead said he would like to see something done. FAMU has recently began construction on a parking lot behind the old DRS school. A parking garage is still under debate.

Both Universities are working to help their students, but neither university has been able to completely alleviate the parking problem.

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