FAMU students march for awareness

By Anthony Murdock, News 20 at Five

On FAMU’s set and through the cafeteria, students of the FAMU Tom’s club put their shoes aside and marched barefoot in awareness of the one day without shoes movement.

Ian McRae, a campus representative said that Apr. 10 was the day FAMU Tom’s Club marched to create awareness about impoverished children that don’t have shoes.

Tom’s Club is a shoe company that provides footwear to a child for every shoe a customer buys. Miller saw that many schools joined the movement and wanted FAMU to take part.

Miller and his friend Robyn Mowatt started the group because they thought FAMU needed to be involved with the movement. With the sun scorching the street, the marchers got a small taste of what many children deal with on a daily basis.

“Some students can’t go to school because they don’t have shoes. It’s hard for them to go places that they need to go because of fear of hurting themselves, just because they need to walk and they don’t have any shoes on,” said Robyn Mowatt, president of FAMU Tom’s Club.

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