FDLE finishes its investigation into FAMU’s finances

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FDLE investigation summary

By Aria Aaron, News 20 at Five

Tallahassee, Fla. – The Florida Department of Law Enforcement completed its investigation into Florida A&M University’s finances.  An investigative summary released by the FDLE  concludes that most financial issues resulted from the university’s “failure to comply with University policy and procedure.”

The FDLE partnered with the Department of Financial Services and the Office of Fiscal Integrity to conduct the investigation. Together they reviewed the finances of different departments. According to the report, here are some the FDLE’s findings:

  • The Marching 100 violated university policy by giving non-band members per diem on band trips. Some of those per diem recipients were elementary, middle, and high school students, and FAMU alumni.
  • Marching band dues from 2007 were stolen. The funds were stored in a room to which only former Band Director Julian White had access. White didn’t deposit the funds in a university account or report the funds stolen until three months after the theft was discovered. Witnesses say between $30,000 and $40,000 were stolen.  However, the FDLE couldn’t determine who stole the money.
  • There was no oversight on how White compensated band staff for band performances. He negotiated performance contracts, accepted “production costs” payments on behalf of the university and deposited the money into his personal account. However, the FDLE couldn’t identify specific transactions where money was given to band staff.
  • The FDLE didn’t find instances where FAMU purchase card holders used the credit card for personal reasons when it came to non-travel charges. However, it did find card holders breaking university policy.
  • When it came to travel, the FDLE found irregularities pertaining to overpayment of university employees. FAMU plans to get reimbursement from those travelers if it hasn’t already.
  • The FDLE identified one FAMU employee who gave false information on travel vouchers and received about $1800 in reimbursements. The Office of the State Attorney, Second Judicial Circuit, charged that individual with eight counts of falsifying a travel voucher.

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