The Occupy Movement turns a year old

By Tommy Hawkins, News 20 at Five

Monday, Sept. 17 is the one-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement. The big question for Occupy Tallahassee is what have they accomplished?

Derek Strickland comes to Black Dog Cafe to relax and get some work done. Strickland is a technology consultant who’s been working for 15 years. Strickland is disappointed Occupy Tallahassee lost its fervor

“Anytime we see an emergence of citizens getting involved in our democracy and our Republic, that’s a good thing for us as a nation,” Strickland said.

The Occupy Tallahassee Facebook attributes the denial of private state prison as something they helped with.

Bread and Roses was one of the first meeting spots for Occupy Tallahassee. Many non-profit organizations meet at this volunteer facility.

 Allison Milham moved to Tallahassee a year ago and teaches at Florida State University. She camped out a couple of nights with the Occupy Tallahassee group.

 “When they first started up I think they met once a week,  right in this space here,” said Milham. “And it was pretty good turnout at first, for the first couple of months.”

According to a WCTV report, Occupy Tallahassee’s temporary contract expired on Aug. 21. The city gave Occupy Tallahassee members a notice to leave the property. They left Gaines Street Commons on Sept. 1.

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