Texas woman dies after drinking from contaminated can

By Brandon McMullen, News 20 at Five

A North Texas woman died after drinking from a soda can. The bacteria, known as Leptosira, stuck to the tin can. Test results showed that dried rat urine, containing Leptospirosis, was the cause of death.

“It comes from different animals that are infected with this bacteria, such as mice, raccoons and skunks,” said Florida A&M University professor Dr. Patty Ghazvini. “Be aware of signs and the symptoms that can occur with this illness. They are very similar to flu-like symptoms such as chills, high fever and muscles aches.”

Cans are usually stored in warehouses and delivered directly to retail stores without cleaning. This disease can lead to kidney damage, meningitis and eventually death. Officials highly recommended rinsing all over a can before drinking it.

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A 4th-year broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M University and a web producer for FAMU TV-20's News 20 at 5.

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