Compressed Natural Gas Facility Comes to Florida

By Willis Mcphee, News 20 at Five

The city of Tallahassee is officially the first in the state of Florida to welcome compressed gasses to vehicles.

This groundbreaking initiative has been in the works since February 2012 and with the partnership with Nopetro government, commercial fleets and CNG vehicle owners will experience a cost saving ride.

CNG is known as the gasoline and diesel fuel alternative. 25% cheaper per gallon and 33% cleaner than diesel fuel, CNG looks to reduce carbon pollution by 30%.

This partnership between the public and private sectors will transform Leon County. Jorge Herrera is the CEO of Nopetro. He sees this emergence as win situation.

Nopetro doesn’t plan to stop in Tallahassee. In years to come, CNG looks to target Pensacola, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami and 11 other cities across Florida.

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