Some students stuck in ‘The Education Bubble’

By Brandon McMullen, News 20 at Five

Many people believe in investing in their education. But at what cost? How much education should you invest in?

College students are piling up debt trying to further their education. Some students accumulate 15, 30 to 35-thousand dollars in debt. In the case of paying back student loans, what type of jobs are students apply for?

Some say they are looking to land careers with the CIA, office jobs or pharmaceuticals jobs. However students decide to pay back the loans, some believe education should be a priority into becoming successful.

“I believe education is the key,” said Victor Johnson of Tallahassee. “The only way you get to the top is through education.”

Some people say that applying for that entry-level job is OK with four years of student loans. However, some people say you can still get that same education with a two-year degree or on-line classes.

“I think the student should apply for two-year, four-year program, whatever kind of education they are pursuing,” said Delores A. Dean, adjunct professor and director of Florida A&M University’s Career Center. “Once they graduate high school, they need to continue to pursue their education no matter what it is.”

Students as well as grad students say that a four-year degree is still a good investment no matter the cost. The experience and the networks they can obtain are priceless.

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A 4th-year broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M University and a web producer for FAMU TV-20's News 20 at 5.

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