Breast Cancer Awareness

By Dierra Milton, News 20 at Five

Breast cancer is known as being one of the most detrimental conditions one can have. Today, in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Jackson they work hard to show how to fight this disease. They are both cancer survivors who have teamed up and coached each other through their process.

Mrs. Jackson said “the doctors said they was gonna have surgery on me so it was a very scary situation because when you have breast cancer you don’t know if they would get it all, and only through the grace of God when they did the operation for my cancer it was in the very first stages so I didn’t have to have chemo or radiation.”

The oldest description of cancer was discovered in Egypt and dates back to 1600 BC. Officials say Breast Cancer may be one of the oldest known forms of cancerous tumors in humans and the African American women have a higher risk of being affected.

“Well what we are starting to see is that more women are starting to be affected by Breast Cancer and we are also seeing that African American women are dying from breast cancer as opposed to Caucasians women. Even though Caucasian women do get it at a faster rate, black women are most likely to die.” Said Rashida Marshall, health educator from Gadsden County.”

Health educators say that women who practice eating healthy and exercise on a regular basis tend to have lower chances of developing Breast Cancer and young adults should take precautionary approaches to prevent such disease.


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