Florida schools implement new sex abuse prevention curriculum

By Esi Yamoah, News 20 at Five

Florida schools are implementing a new curriculum. Kindergartners will be taught in thirty-minute session classes about sexual abuse prevention. Lauren Books launched the prevention curriculum promoting  the program Safer, Smarter Kids.

Florida is the first state to implement the sexual abuse prevention curriculum statewide. Rachael Scharlepp is a licensed clinical social worker that talked more about how parents would probably respond to the new curriculum.

“If parents are appropriately prepared and given a chance to explore the curriculum and come to their own opinions, then they’re going to be supportive,” said Scharlepp.

The new curriculum has been tested in the 2011-2012 school year in Miami-Dade, Pasco, Franklin and Okaloosa counties. According to the report students that completed the program showed 77 percent of growth in understanding the material in the program.

As other states begin to follow, some residents around the local area believe it’s a great idea. A mother of twins, Jamlia Nance is for the new addition to the schools.

“From a mother’s point of view, I would want my children to be aware of the manipulation that people would use on smaller children,” said Nance.

Beyond Florida, the New York Yankees gave a grant to the Safer, Smarter Kids program to bring to its knowledge to New York schools.

There will be six, thirty-minute programs that will fit smoothly into the classes. For each class it will include a video, classroom exercises and materials to take home for parents.

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