Florida revamps stalking law

By Tenisha Dixon, News 20 at Five

It’s the constant text messaging. The uncontrollable phone calls. It’s what qualifies as stalking. Victims will now have the right to get an injunction against their stalker. This new law will help some victims like John Doe overcome their situation.

“It was just too much and overbearing for one person to have in one day of trying to take care of business,” he said. “I’m at work and just my phone had been blowing up and it’s not from other people but it’s from her.”

The new law relating to stalking now defines the action as willful, malicious and repeated. A person who commits the offense will now be charged with a third degree felony. The law was changed due to too many restrictions on the current law.

The court order makes state attorneys use criminal procedures provided the stalker had no firearm or ammunition. The injunction allows a restraint up to ten years. A person can also get an injunction for their family members.

This new bill also incorporates cyber stalking as a new form of stalking. If you have experienced any type of stalking, make sure you contact your local police department.

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A 4th-year broadcast journalism student at Florida A&M University and a web producer for FAMU TV-20's News 20 at 5.

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