Florida on Pace for 900,000 New Jobs

 By Hannah Carroll, News 20 at Five

The Florida Economic Estimating Conference projected that Florida is expected to create 900,000 new jobs by 2018. As Florida is currently going through an increase in job growth, this does not come as a total surprise.

A new restaurant in Tallahassee has already added 10 jobs this week. Vino’s manager, Max Imany, says this is only the beginning for their small business in Tallahassee.

“As soon as we get this one going, we’re going to open more businesses, 100 percent. We’ll have at least two or three restaurants in Tallahassee and each of them needs at least 10 people.”

Vino’s already has three locations in Jacksonville. They plan on expanding in

Tallahassee and will ultimately create around 40 jobs in the next few years.

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