Meningitis outbreak growing nationwide

By Tenisha Dixon, News 20 at Five

There are now eight reported deaths from meningitis across the country and 105 cases that have been reported. The Food and Drug Administration has recalled the steroid that spread this disease.

The steroid that has been linked to the meningitis outbreak was intended for patients with back problems. The CDC says that clinicians should actively contact their patients who received injections that may have been infected.

Florida is on the list of states with reported cases.  But there have been no reports in Tallahassee so far.

A nurse at Bond Community Health Center warns it’s more common among college students. However, there is a vaccination for meningitis. People who have not been infected can get it. It’s encouraged that kids ages 11 and 16 get vaccinated.

Headaches are the main symptom patients have prior to going to the doctor’s office. Other symptoms include stiff neck, sensitivity to light, slurred speech and flu-like symptoms. Patients with symptoms will get antibiotics after being tested with a spinal cap.

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