Fake Air Bags

By Dierra Milton, News 20 at Five

When it comes to the safety in ones car a fake air bag is the last thing they would want in the car. What you think may be a life saver in the car may not be just that during an accident. Counterfeit air bags have become a problem according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

While people are riding in their vehicle as they travel along the dangerous highways the last thing one would want to suspect is a fake air bag deploying in case of an accident. Officials said “many people are getting just that and sometimes they will not even deploy.”

JeMarion Zanders, a local driver said, “well personally speaking I have been in an accident and my air bags did deploy and it saved me from a life or death situation. Fake air bags being placed in cars is crazy and is not a good idea.”

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said “these airbags look like the real thing even bearing the logo and branding of automakers.”

Test results from the NHTSA shows that these counterfeit bags appear to be genuine but they do not perform like approved air bags. The thought of having a fake air bag that will not possibly deploy is scary. However, the NHTSA believes that the fake air bags only affect a small portion of U.S. vehicles and those that have been replaced within the last three years may be at risk.

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