Registered Democrats outnumber Republicans in Leon County so far

By Tommy Hawkins, News 20 at Five

According to the Leon County supervisor of elections office, Democrats outnumber Republicans by almost 35,000 registered voters. However, there are 16,000 voters with no political affiliation. Decided voter  Brittany Freeman says unaffiliated voters should be comfortable with their choice.

“Don’t go off of what other people might persuade you to do,” she said. “I feel like you should be comfortable with who you’re going to pick and why you’re going to pick them.”

Five percent of Latino voters are still undecided according to a recent poll taken. A Rasmussen poll reported five percent of voters are still undecided, and many voters are undecided for different reasons.

“I’m just undecided,” said Jacob Blessing. “[I] haven’t really been a fan of either party for a while, probably not going to wind up voting.”

The Florida Electoral College voted Republican six of the last eight presidential elections but voted democratic in the last presidential election. Florida is a swing state and winning it will be important this year.

Blessing says he wants politics to run differently.

“Not make it so much of a popularity contest, actually concentrate on the issues of the nation,” he said.

Final voter registration demographics are still being processed from the Oct. 9th  voter registration deadline. The supervisor of elections office expects new demographic information to be available online, this week or next.

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