By Erickson Joseph, News 20 at Five

More than twenty-thousand pages from the Boy Scouts of America’s so-called “perversion files” will be released today.

The files contain details about proven molesters as well as allegations. In the past 20 years, more than 12,000 leaders have been dismissed.

The files identify scout leaders and volunteers banned from the organization after being accused of sexual or inappropriate conduct with scout members. The boy scouts have kept the files private for the confidentiality of the victims.

But one of the most startling revelations to come from the files is the frequency that attempts to protect scouts from molesters collapsed at the local level, at times in collusion with community leaders.

The scouts began keeping the files shortly after their creation in 1910, when pedophilia was largely a crime dealt with privately. The organization argues that the files helped them track offenders and protect children.

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