Doping in Sports

By Dierra Milton, News 20 at Five

The use of steroids has become a common factor in sports and almost everyone knows that athletes are using it. What is known as doping in sports has been happening for quite some time now.

The Lance Armstrong doping scandal has brought light to the public eye. However that has not stopped cyclist from gearing up and hitting the trail.

Dan Kurger, a local cyclist said, “I have been riding bikes for some years now and I put in about two to three thousand miles per year. I cycle primarily for commuting and I ride for recreation, I am not a racer.”

Here in the capital city, cyclist hit the bike trail not only as a sport but, also for the use of transportation, a healthier lifestyle and health and recreation. Although some cyclist may use steroids to enhance their performance not all of them depend on such drugs. Local cyclists believe doping in sports is not a good look for athletes.

“Its been going on for the past 15 to 20 years and it’s just really coming to light right now. I think it is unfortunate that in order to compete so many people think that it is a must to use performance enhancing drugs.” said Carole Hayes.

The seven-time tour De France winner Lance Armstrong has been banned for life by the USADA for his alleged involvement in the doping scandal. The USADA said “he should be stripped of his title.”

Jason McArthur said “I started riding bikes that my dad rode and it was recreational and when I went to Florida State I started riding with the cycling team more competitively. In terms of doping and stuff it really sucks.”

Professional cycling has been rocked by several major scandals over the past few years. Officials say that the cycling’s image is tarnished beyond repair.

However, even though the use of steroids pose health risks it doesn’t stop the athletes from taking it. According to Forbes, it may be time to legalize the enhancer.

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