Tainted tattoos cause for concern

By Tommy Hawkins, News 20 at Five

Contaminated tattoo needles are carriers of many diseases and viruses. Cross contamination can lead to HIV or Hepatitis.

Research from the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is raising awareness about contaminated ink. Although there are no known cases in Tallahassee, locals should be cautious about where they get tattooed.

Body piercings and tattoos are a permanent expression of body art. However, contaminated ink is one of the latest concerns. Tallahassee residents are concerned about uncertified tattoos.

All the tools used for tattoos at the Euphoria tattoo shop is disposable, including needles, tubes and ink. Disposal is a way to prevent cross contamination. Euphoria is taking the necessary precautions to prevent contaminated materials that cause infections.

Mycobacteria have been found in an outbreak of illness related to contaminated ink earlier this year. The FDA is concerned about mycobacteria and is spreading awareness about contaminated ink. The agency worries about pigments used in tattoos that can be contaminated by mold and fungi.

The CDC says infections are likely to occur from the use of non-sterile water in ink. However, there is no FDA regulation requiring tattoo ink to be sterile.

Residents should research where they get their tattoos and be sure the shops are certified.

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