Local High School Using New Tools in Class

By Brandon McMullen, News 20 at Five

Years ago, to show appreciation in classrooms, students placed apples on teachers’ desks. At Godby High School, teachers are giving apples to the students – Apple iPads.

“I think just because it’s technology, they become a little more engaged,” said math teacher Joe Ducan. “ In a sense it’s not traditional. It’s not paper and pen.

Students at Godby High School are familiar with the device but didn’t expect to use it a a learning tool. Some students like the fact that using the device instead of paper saves trees.

“With a paper test you have to use more and more sheets of paper if you keep getting it wrong,” said Brienden Wilson, student at Godby High School.  “On an iPad, if you get it wrong, you can keep doing it on the same thing.”

Technology is being used in many ways across the country. Some companies such as Microsoft and I.B.M. are sending engineers back to high school. The corporations believe that learning new technology should start at an early age.

Teachers and students at Godby High School are excited about using technology in the classrooms. They are looking forward to receiving more laptops, computers and iPads in the future.

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