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Organized Terror: News 20 at Five Multimedia Presentation

By Jason Brown

Associate Producer, News 20 at Five

News 20 at Five

In the wake of the recent terror attacks in Boston, News 20 at Five Associate Producer Jason Brown takes a look at known major terrorist groups and offers a brief history of each.

“Did you know they attended FAMU?:” An Interactive Multimedia Presentation

William Davidson, IV – News 20 at Five

In this interactive multimedia presentation, News 20 at Five associate producer William Davidson, IV introduces us to a few famous FAMU alum that either graduated or attended the university.

Note: Flash required to view this presentation

Concussions in Sports: An Interactive Multimedia Presentation

By Cornell Wedge,
News 20 at Five

News 20 at Five Associate Producer Cornell Wedge takes a look at concussions in sports.
This has become a national discussion among football teams across the country as experts look to ways of
preventing tragedies on the field.

NOTE: You must have Flash to view this Prezi presentation.

Breast Cancer Awareness: An Interactive Multimedia Presentation

By Sherrelle Belin, News 20 at Five

News 20 at Five Associate Producer Sherrelle Belin presents an educational interactive multimedia presentation on Breast Cancer.

NOTE: You must have Flash to view this Prezi presentation.

A walk on Jerome Street: A multimedia presentation

By News 20 at Five

This is a mini documentary produced by Erickson Joseph and Dierra Milton. It features a man named Jerome Street and takes a brief look into his history before and after his life altering event.

FAMU public relations students tackle global climate crisis through multimedia presentations

Special to News 20 at Five, By Critical Issues in Public Relations

“Who Is Havoc?” by Tyrone Law and Terray Rollins,

“Lights Down, Cash Up” by Jeremy Davis & Bridgett Pittman,

A perfect fit: Two Autistic friends. A multimedia presentation

By Sequoia Powell, News 20 at Five

In A perfect fit, multimedia journalist Sequoia Powell documents the story of her brother, who lives with Autism, and his best friend, who is also Autistic. Read the rest of this entry

“18 Candles:” A Multimedia Presentation

By Amanda Legros, Student Multimedia Practicum

On her 18th birthday, Amanda’s sister, Sarah Legros, examines her journey of weight loss in “18 Candles.” Read the rest of this entry

Born This Way: Living with HIV. A Multimedia Presentation

Producers: Tatiana Charlot and Brian Wiggins, News 20 at Five

FAMU student and public speaker/activist Alyssa Crawford shares her story of living with HIV. Read the rest of this entry

“An Illegal Journey:” A Multimedia Presentation

By Brian Wiggins and Taheem Williamson, News 20 at Five

FAMU broadcast journalism students interview an illegal immigrant on his journey living in America. At the request of the interviewee, News 20 at Five will not reveal his identity.


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