Award-Winning Student Documentaries

Disclaimer: The views and/or opinions in any of the following films  do not express the views and /or opinions of Florida A&M University, the state of Florida or any of its entities.

Obama-docs: This series of documentaries explore varied views on President Barack Obama and his performance during his first term in office.

President Barack Obama


Obama, Dream Again:

Obama, Dream Again 5-min mini-doc:

Obama, Prayer for Change:

Obama, The Aftermath:

Obama, Time for Diversity:


Spare the Rod examines views on corporal punishment in Florida. (FAMU J- School Journals 2013 entry)(16 mins)

Locked Out explores the alternative school system in Leon County, Florida. (FAMU J- School Journals 2013 entry)(15 mins)

Sweet Dreams tells the story of individuals from different walks of life sharing the dreams and cherished memories of the dead who continue to leave an impression after death.

BlackFace: I know who you are takes an in-depth look at Black identity in America (FAMU J- School Journals 2013 entry)(16 mins)

Love Plus: “The Bigger Picturefocuses on plus size women in America. This film analyzes the challenges they may face when looking for love in this superficial society.(FAMU J-School Journals 2012 entry).

Grassroots explores the voting process from those who are on the ground registering voters and raising support for their favorite candidate heading into the November 2012 elections. Producers Kari Knowles and Curtis Ford.(FAMU J-School Journals 2012 entry)(15 min)

Life explores the controversial topic of population control. Producers Leonie Louis and Shari Karesh sit down with several women who share their stories of pain and revelation.  (FAMU J-School Journals 2012 entry)(15 min)

Burden of the Banner The Unforeseen Truth offers a look into the lives of homeless military veterans. Producers Kristen Holloway and Jadaun Sweet interviewed many veterans who spoke candidly about the economy, the U.S. government and their personal lives.  (FAMU J-School Journals 2012 entry)(15 min)

Disability: A matter of perception is a touching documentary about the power of self-determination. Through three separate stories, producer Lenneia Batiste shows us that the only true disability is the one in our mind. (FAMU J-School Journals 2012 entry)(15 min)

Ke Nako is an award-winning student documentary produced by FAMU broadcast student Wandoo Makurdi during the World Cup in South Africa. (15 min) (2012 SPJ award winner)

In Black Talk, FAMU documentary producers Chantale Glover and LiZeatra Wilson explore dialect among the African-American community. (15 min) (2012 Florida AP 1st Place winner)

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